PARTY BABY – The Golden Age of Bullshit

By Stephen Wilt


What started as another Punk/Rock-Indie group, who came to the scene a little over a year ago, PARTY BABY, is now growing to be one of California’s babies quickly. Their long endless giging over the last year coast to coast, drew in sweaty, punk-rock teens, packing venues everywhere they go.

Born out of the idea of Portugal The Man’s ex-guitarist, the band has since been picked up by Warner Brothers, and for good reason.

Their songs, “Everything’s All Right”, “Your Old Man”, and “I Don’t Wanna Wait have been hits among newly fallowed fans.

These are all a part of their newest release, “PARTY BABY, The Golden Age of Bullshit” an album composed of what sounds like High School teens jamming to their struggles and everyday problems.

The album packs in 8 singles ranging from drunk sounding grunge to a slower, “Don’t Say It”.

Like every punk-rock group has tried to achieve, PARTY BABY takes its teen anguish, and anger for the surrounding world and delivers it on their newest album.

If you’re a Fan of, or intrigued by the idea of a slightly twisted marriage between Kurt Cobain, and Portugal the Man, or trying to relive your high school party days, then it’s definitely worth the listen.


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