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WSBU Request Line


WSBU Board Room


WSBU Music Room


WSBU News Room


Music Submissions

By Mail:

Drawer O
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778

By E-Mail:

Please don’t send MP3s through e-mail!

Contact Info

Steve Wilt (Station Manager)



Charlie Okunewick (Freeform/Classic Rock Programming Director)



Julia Ambrose (Indie/Alternative Programming Director)



Warren Mayenga (Hip-Hop Programming Director)



Zach Stryffeler (Music Director)



Matt MacKenzie (Assistant Music Director)



Ashley Gallagher (Assistant Music Director)



Joe Fulmore (Co-Promotions/PR Director)



Layne Dowdell (Co-Promotions/PR Director)



Joe Ceraulo (Co-Sports Director)



Isaiah Blakely (Co- Sports Director)





Yoselin Person (News Director)



Dasia Brim (Assistant New Director)



Alex Prusik (Productions Director)



Chandler Poczciwinski (Assistant Productions Director)


Johnathan Clancy (Business Director)



  1. Hey I have a question that I can’t figure out by myself. I was up in Olean, New York not to long ago and I found your radio station and listened for a while, because of all the great songs you were playing.

    The question is that I had heard a song that has been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is and was wondering if you could help me out.

    All I can remember is that is was a live version of a blues song and I specifically remember the singer say “Take it away Mark”. It could have been Mick but I’m not sure. Then afterwards it had probably a 3-4 minute guitar solo.

    Unfortunately that’s all I can remember but I loved that song and hopefully you can help me figure it out since it was played on your station. Any clues will help.



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