Album Review: Young Thug- JEFFERY

Review by Justin Myers

Recommended Tracks: “Pick Up the Phone,” “Wyclef Jean,” “Swizz Beatz,” “Kanye West”

RIYL: Rae Sremmurd, Travis Scott

Grade: B


With this new album, named JEFFERY, Young Thug put together very interesting tracks. Critics were skeptical about the album at first, not because of his music but his album cover, which he got roasted for on social media. Besides that, he named all of the tracks after his idols. I gave this album the grade of a B, as each song had very good beats behind it but some of the songs were just of him mumbling or yelling for no reason. For example, there is a song on the album named “Harambe” after the gorilla who was shot in the zoo, and I couldn’t tell you one word he said in that song. For Young Thug, this album was good overall and was one of his best albums that he has put out so far in his career.


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