Single Review: The Chainsmokers & Coldplay- “Something Just Like This”

Review by Matt MacKenzie

Grade: A


If you follow The Chainsmokers’ activity, then you had the knowledge that they were collaborating with Coldplay for the longest time. Well, our wait is over and their work has been officially released. It is everything that we love about The Chainsmokers and Coldplay mixed together–passionate vocal work from Coldplay with an amazing beat produced by The Chainsmokers to back it up.

With seven Top 10 hits combined from the two groups, this is a powerhouse combination on their parts. The Chainsmokers are known best for their beats that take their fans by storm, and with all the new material they have been releasing since 2016, they have been on fire with the public. As for Coldplay, who doesn’t love them? Songs like “Viva la Vida,” “A Sky Full of Stars,” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” captivate their audience, making them the hits that they are. Chris Martin does it all again.

“Something Just Like This” is honestly a really powerful song that can appeal to the emotions of others if you listen closely to the lyrics. Don’t overlook this. Listen to it. Embrace its message.


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