The Kills: Kicking Up Nothing but Ash

Review by Matt Mackenzie


RIYL: The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Strokes

Recommended Tracks: Hard Habit to Break (#3), Let it Drop (#6)

Grade: B-

Certain areas of music appeal to the tastes of their listeners, whether it be indie, blues or rock and roll. What people want in a song defines if it is a hit for them or not. Whether it be how the song opens, if there is a certain beat that keeps them interested, or if the artist who made is one of their favorites.

Now, The Kills’ Ash and Ice doesn’t fall into my personal forte but it was an enjoyable album to listen to with the excellent use of guitar and drums through all thirteen songs. For being of the map for the past five years since their last album, the though could come up that they could be out of ideas or just fell apart but I could disagree with that since all the songs on the album were original, but a little repetitive and showed that they are still going strong.

For Ash and Ice, it was co-lead singer Alison Mosshart’s time to shine by having the majority of the songs on the album along with doing a relaxing and well executed duo with Jamie Hince. Now some areas of the album could have been better to keep up to par with other areas. Vocals in certain songs for both singers were not as good as it could have been, but the instruments in every song made up in the areas that vocals lacked.

Songs that should definitely be listened to on this album are “Hard Habit to Break” and “Let It Drop.” For “Hard Habit to Break,” it’s has a nice flow to the song with very good cross vocals from Alison Mosshart and an excellent use of guitar that grows throughout the song. “Let it Drop” is Jamie Hince’s best song for the album. With a catchy background beat, great use of drums and guitar and lyrics that flow great together makes this song the best one on the album.

Again, Ash and Ice isn’t my metaphorical cup of tea, however, I still would suggest listening to the album if you are curious about The Kills and their music.


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