Single Review: Beck Releases “Wow”

By: Sean Lynch


After multiple teases on his Instagram, Beck has finally released another single for his untitled album. “Wow” is the second single off of Beck’s upcoming album, set to drop in October. The first single “Dreams” was released in 2015, marking his last release since his 2014 Grammy-winning album Morning Phase.

Beck deviates from his usual rock instrumentation and goes for analog sound with his drum machines and synths. The vocals of the song come off as pop rap because of the rhyming verses in the middle of the song, comparable to his nonsensical lyrics on his song “Loser,” with peculiar lines like “Standing on the lawn doin’ jiu jitsu/Girl in a bikini with the Lamborghini shih tzu.” The catchy pop style choruses comes in smooth and helps showcase the range of Beck’s vocals as he switches from low to high pitch.

The shift in genres from the folky sounds of Morning Phase to pop will be a transition for Beck. Beck has been shifting towards artist geared in pop and electronic music through recent collaborations with Flume and M83. It will be interesting to see how Beck’s new album will turn out because “Wow’ goes in a completely different artistic direction than “Dreams” with less dancefloor riffs and more synthpop and electronic influnences.


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