Concert Review: Broncho and Winter

Review By: Sean Lynch

After their tour stop on June 23 at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Broncho and Winter played at the Bowery Ballroom on June 24 in New York City.

Los Angeles based band Winter opened up with some dreamy pop to begin the night. The band did great at kicking off the show for Broncho by getting the crowd excited for what was to come. Guitarist and lead vocalist Samira Winter put a surge of energy into the set jumping around on the stage, dancing and cracking out a few yoga meditations in between songs.

Broncho came in with a completely different vibe from Winter. Basked in an ominous red light, the band jammed out hard to start their part of the show. There was no gaps between songs, leaving the crowd with constant action on stage.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Ryan Lindsey danced around during the set, continuing the energy that Winter had brought with their opener.

The band ripped through some of their hits including “Class Historian,”  “Try Me Out Sometime” and “It’s On.” The band also played some of their newer material off of their recent album Double Vanity including “Señora Borealis” and “Fantasy Boys.”

Broncho will perform next on June 28 at The Earl in Atlanta, Georgia. Winter will be the opening act.

For a full list of Broncho’s tour dates, go to the band’s site here.


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