Single Review: Omni Releases “Afterlife”

By: Sean Lynch


Omni released their first single “Afterlife” off of their debut album Deluxe, slated to come out on July 8. Omni is a band from Atlanta, Georgia, composed of former Deerhunter guitarist Frankie Broyles as well as Carnivores members Billy Mitchell and Philip Frobos.

“Afterlife” comes as a laid-back, danceable new wave song. The vocals and guitars meld together and sound looped in that process. The lyrics of the song, sung by Philip Frobos, speak of a predicted grim future, “I’ve been feeling a lot more stately/ Now that I know my death.” The song appeals to a band like Devo because of the art pop and new wave style of instrumentation in the song. The music video buys into this notion as well with the trippy changes on screen between art pieces as the video progresses. While the song caps off at two minutes, Omni keeps it short, sweet and to the point by cutting out the filler.



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