EP Review: Death Grips – Interview 2016


*Recommended Tracks:

“Interview Track 1(A)”

“Interview Track 4(D)”

“Interview Track 5(E)”

*The letters correspond with an alternative track listing.

Grade: B-

Review By: Sean Lynch

Death Grips is giving back to the fans with their new EP Interview 2016. The project serves as the EP in between The Powers That B and Bottomless Pit. Fashion Week carries a similar feeling to the EP because it was a project created between two albums and was an all instrumental EP.

 The project shifts its focus to drummer Zach Hill and multi-instrumentalist Andy Morin rather than MC Ride because of the instrumental style that the tracks have. Ride is still featured in the YouTube cut of the album, but only as a member of the band and no real role in terms of vocals. All of the tracks serve as instrumentals and vary in style.

“Interview Track 1” carries the sound of a final boss track of a video game. Each intricate part comes together in a mishmash of sound. The glitches of the tracks mix with the programmed swooshing. The drums are up-tempo and give the song an added kick to an already heavy-hitting instrumental.

There is an absolute blistering anger that comes in “Interview Track 4.”  The speed of the song is what creates the energy. The drums come in so fast that they almost resemble a clicking noise.

The energy that “Interview Track 5” starts with is different from how Death Grips would usually start a song because there is a buildup rather than just an explosion of sound. The guitar begins with a rapid strumming that turns digitized through effects. The rest of the track comes as an analog mixture of beeps and boops that goes on until the end of the song.

Interview 2016 is a showcase for Zach Hill and Andy Morin. Fashion Week was one of Death Grips’ longer projects, but felt unfocused. A short track list and interesting sound makes Interview 2016 concise and gets the point across.  While the release is not of any true significance, the project is something to hold fans over until Bottomless Pit comes out.


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