Album Review: Baby Jesus- Baby Jesus

Review by Dakota Nelson

RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, Wooden Shjips, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

Recommended Tracks: Track 5- “Nice Walk”, Track 7- “Deep Blue Delay”

Grade: C+

Baby Jesus is a Swedish garage rock/psychedelic band that formed after an “Intense Trip to India”. Using musical influences from the ’60s, Baby Jesus creates an album that celebrates many early forms of psychedelia.

Starting off, however, Baby Jesus falls into an easy pitfall for psychedelic music. The first three tracks all sound the same. Having the same melodies and song structure, the tracks can be switched around, and there would be almost no change to the album as a whole. Once Baby Jesus got this out of the way, they started to make tracks that had distinct sounds.

The track “Nice Walk” is a three-minute instrumental that is paying homage to the surf rock that was present in California in the 60s. Sounding like something that would come from the Beach Boys, it’s possible to imagine driving down the strip in your T-Bird listening to this song, which is impressive for a band that came out of Sweden.

Baby Jesus tries very hard to make an interesting album stay interesting, but there are too many downsides. For playing an eccentric genre like psychedelia, the album is too conformist. Having ten songs all be around three minutes makes the songs feel “cookie cutter.” If Baby Jesus were to experiment more and develop their own sound, they could make an amazing album.


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