Album Review: The Meadows Brothers – Won’t Be Troubled

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Black Lillies, Townes Van Zandt

Recommended Tracks: Track 1 – “Understanding You”; Track 2 – “Julieanna”; Track 8 – “Boomer’s Story”

Grade: B

Connecticut may not be the first place to look for folk music, but The Meadows Brothers prove that theory wrong as they bring a slice of Americana up to the northeast in their new album Won’t Be Troubled. The duo from Chester, is composed of brothers Dustin and Ian Meadows. Both brothers play a huge part, each playing guitar and performing vocals and Dustin playing the harmonica.

“Understanding You” gives off a folky vibe with a harmonica kicking off the song. Dustin’s work with the harmonica on this album is great and is really highlighted on this song. The guitars are bouncy and feed off of each other. The vocal harmonies between Dustin and Ian are pleasant on the track and help give the rugged track some softness in between.

“Julieanna” features some solo work from each of the brothers, with more of the duet style singing coming during the chorus. “Julieanna” comes off as a love ballad, weaving a story through gentle guitars and a heartbroken harmonica. Compared to the other songs, “Julieanna” gives one of the sounding performances on the album.

In “Boomer’s Story,” the guitars run jubilant on the track and play a bigger role than they do on some of the other tracks from the album. Through the crooning vocals, the vocal harmonies come again through the choruses and add to the liveliness of the track.

Won’t Be Troubled is an album that has some heart to it. With vivid storytelling, each track becomes a journey into a different place. The teamwork from the brothers is really felt in this album. The guitars feed off each other and the vocals pair together perfectly during the harmonies. While Won’t Be Troubled is not straight from the heartland, it comes close enough to match for being hundreds of miles away.


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