Super Bonanza – Burn It My Way

Super Bonanza – Burn It My Way

Super Bonanza

Review By: Sean Lynch


RIYL: Iggy Pop, Yo La Tengo, TV on the Radio


Recommended Tracks:

Track 1 “Aching Desire”

Track 2 “Demons From The Past”


Grade: C+


Philadelphia based band Super Bonanza provides a groovy, jazzy twist to indie rock in their new EP Burn It My Way. The band use unconventional instruments including the baritone saxophone and the two-stringed bass, but create an original sound all over their EP.

“Aching Desire” is rough around the edges and carries a whole lot of grit. The vocals on the EP from Joe Oxman sound similar to a mixture of Iggy Pop and Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio. The song plays out like a jam session between old friends as the two-stringed bass and baritone saxophone form a solid partnership sonically throughout the track.

“Demons From The Past” jams hard and finds itself all over the place. The strumming of the bass pairs well with the drums to create a solid base for the other instruments. The crooning vocals feel right for the song and add strength to the song. The solo from the baritone saxophone serves as a powerful explanation point to the song and one of the many shining moments for the saxophone on the EP.

“My Oh My” tries to go for a different vocal scheme, but sticks to the plan when it comes to the sound of the instruments. Oxford opts for a lighter crooning which doesn’t work as well with the blaring of the saxophone. The saxophone is featured in a couple solos on the track and is an important element of the song.

We get a sense of all the genres that play a role on the EP. There is a strong presence of punk within the Iggy Pop inspired vocals. The use of the baritone saxophone and two-string bass carry jazz and funk styles. The combination of these different styles are experimental and untested, but serve as a unique twist to indie rock.


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