Cigars of the Pharaoh Release Single “Mystery Highway”

Review by Sean Lynch

Cigars of the Pharaoh are more than meets the eye as a band. Decked out in sleek, mobster inspired suits, the band brings a knockout punch through their new single “Mystery Highway.” Playing out of Sydney, Australia, the group spans a number of different genres, ranging from hard rock to blues. “Mystery Highway” is one of four songs off of the band’s new EP Mystery Highway.

“Mystery Highway” begins with an adrenaline-packed revving that could be compared to a sports car starting up. The track escalates with a piercing guitar riff. The transition from riff to vocals proves to be smooth as Craig Cassar hits hard with his gritty vocals. The mixture of both the guitar and vocals resembles a large push towards a bluesy rock style of music. The ending of the song goes rapidly with a heavy guitar solo that slashes deep and stabs onward. The vocals at the end of the song are not as appealing as the beginning and brings the song to an abrupt end.

Cigars of the Pharaoh put some power behind their music, and it shows through their new single “Mystery Highway.” Getting down to the bare bones of rock, the band brings a heavy force from their music. A great combination of hearty vocals and gritty guitars creates a huge punch on their new EP.


2 thoughts on “Cigars of the Pharaoh Release Single “Mystery Highway”

  1. Hi guys

    Thanks for the great review. It’s always great to hear that our music has any kind of impact what so ever and we certainly are very grateful to be heard.

    Hope to tour soon.

    Happy new year from Cigars of the Pharaoh!

    Craig ‘Cas’ Cassar


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