Album Review: Against the Current– Gravity

Review by Mark Ventrice

RIYL: Paramore, We Are The In Crowd

Recommended Tracks: “Gravity”, “Talk”, “Brighter”, “Dreaming Alone”

It’s February and we may have a contender for pop punk album of the year. While they originally started out doing covers of songs on Youtube with guys like Alex Goot, they have been slowly evolving into one of the best pop punk bands around. Gravity is the EP that cements their spot. They bring a lot of energy to the table along with a maturity not often seen in the genre. They also show near mastery of several different musical stylings on this EP.

“Gravity” is the opening track on this EP, and it quickly shows maturity and energy combined. The lead singer Chrissy Costanza shows much of her vocal range as well on the hook. Of all six tracks on the EP, this one puts the most emphasis on the hook and since it’s so great and catchy it works. “Talk” is more about energy and less about maturity and there is absolutely nothing. It’s lyrical content is about jealousy and trash talking a guy which is probably overused in the genre but honestly this song is so good that it’s overlookable. This is the song you will be going back to over and over again.

“Dreaming Alone” introduces the vocals of Dan Gow , one of the other two band members along with Chrissy. This is a love song and its a lot softer than the last two songs. Speaking of vocals, Dan has an expansive vocal range and he shows it in his verse of this song. The last song of note is “Brighter”, the most mature song on this EP. With this being another one of the softer and more mature songs, Chrissy is able to show off her vocal talents and she shows her ability to, like she says in the song, “Set the world on fire.”

This band has nowhere to go but up. And since they are so young, they can also only get better. They may even surpass Paramore.


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