13th Blackout Fest Recap Video Featuring Interviews with Keep Flying and More

The 13th Blackout Fest in Brantford, Ontario took place October 18th and 19th. The annual festival features bands from locals to headliners such as Seaway and Like Pacific. Haley and Chandler of The Uncharted Collective had the opportunity to film our experience during day two of the festival.

Watch the video featuring interviews from Keep Flying, Young Culture, Calling All Captains, Summer Wars, Oakrest, Incase We Crash, and In All Fairness here:

Listen to Keep Flying’s new single “Reason” on Spotify here

Check out Keep Flying and Young Culture’s tour with Homesafe here

Check out Calling All Captains and Summer Wars’s Tour here

Listen to Incase We Crash’s new single “12 Degrees” on Spotify here


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