The 1975 Release a New Song Off Their Newest Album, “Notes on a Conditional Form”

By Ashley Gallagher


The 1975 is a band that has gotten and retained exposure since about 2013. They are known as a band with a very alternative pop feel. However, this new album seems like it is going to be a wild card in comparison with their other albums.

“The 1975” was the first song the band released from their upcoming album, “Notes on a Conditional Form.” Normally, “The 1975” has the same (explicit) lyrics every beginning of their albums, however, this time, Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist, narrates over music about climate change. This alone is already a big change between this album and the past albums.

“People” was the next song that was released, and this one was very unexpected. The song went all the way back to Punk roots. It keeps up the “activist” message they introduced in “The 1975,” however, got mixed reviews from the public because it was so different from everything else they’ve done.

Then, contrary to “People,” “Frail State of Mind” goes back to being their more alternative based sound. It is a much slower song than “People,” but still a very energetic song. “Frail State of Mind” is one that could easily fit on any of their previous three albums, even though they all have their notable differences.

The song makes use of instrument and electronic features to make it a more up-beat poppy song. It is catchy, just like the other singles, but it begs the question about what their new album will sound like with two songs that have very vast genre differences.

It will be interesting to see what the band comes up with to continue exploring different genres.

“Notes on a Conditional Form” will be released in February, but you can listen to “Frail State of Mind” here:


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