Animal Collective – The Painters EP


RIYL: Black Dice, Deerhunter and of Montreal

Recommended Tracks:

Track 1 – “Kinda Bonkers”

Grade: C+

Review By: Sean Lynch

Animal Collective have come up with The Painters EP to follow up 2016’s Painting With. The four-track EP is composed of songs that came along during the recording of Painting With, and gives a sense for what was going on during the recording process. The EP serves as the band’s first since Monkey Been to Burn Town in 2012.

The title of the first track of the album “Kinda Bonkers” captures the essence of the song. The mixture of synth and drums carries a sporadic vibe to set the backing layer of the song. Both Panda Bear and Avey Tare add vocals to the song and add to the easy-going sound of the song.

The cover of Martha and the Vandellas’ song “Jimmy Mack” is full of energy. The song, which became a staple for some dates during the 2016 tour, adds some punch as the final song of the EP. The fast paced tempo of the beat is matched with a heavy bass sound. The lead singing is also lively and matches the pace of the backing beak.

The EP gives a sense as to what was happening during the creative process of Painting With. Similar to what Flume has given us with the Skin Companion EP series, The Painters EP takes a look into what could have happened on the album. While there is nothing groundbreaking from this project, the EP is fun and gives fans a chance to peel back the layers and see what went into the creation of Painting With.


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