Single Review: Imagine Dragons- “Believer”

Review by Matt Mackenzie

RIYL: Kings of Leon, WALK THE MOON, Foster the People

Grade: A-


It’s nice to hear something new from Imagine Dragons, and Believer is the new material that fans will appreciate. Without anything new since their 2015 album Smoke and Mirrors, this little comeback will definitely result in positive things and most likely bring some new fans with it. Believer has use of the drums, allowing the listener to hear them through the entirety of the song. It sets a mood of seriousness through this usage and honestly makes the song wonderful. The mix of vocals with background guitar through the chorus amplifies the intensity of the song for the brief parts, which makes it so catchy. I found myself humming the chorus beat at times after listening to the song. If this is what we can expect from Imagine Dragons in the future, sign me up for a copy of their next album. I’ll be waiting impatiently for it.


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