Album Review: Jennylee – right on!

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Warpaint, Grimes, Tamaryn

Recommended Tracks: Track 1 – “Blind”; Track 3 – “Never”; Track 9 – “White Devil”

Grade: B

Solo albums are always tough endeavors for any artist, but Warpaint bassist Jennylee shows how fluid the transition can be through her project right on!. Jenny Lee Lindberg, who goes by the name Jennylee for the project, keeps a simple setup with her bass guitar and vocals in the songs. She does not keep the same band, so she rotates in different musicians on all the other instruments to help make each song unique.

“Blind” is desolate and captures the most important elements of the album. The bass line walks out far, but finds nothing. The vocals drag on and bounce off the emptiness of the song. Even though there is almost nothing on the track, the bass stars and plays the part of holding it all down.

“Never” comes off as one of the more complex songs, even with all the simplicities on most of the tracks. The bass creates a nice new wave rhythm on the track. The sound of the guitar ranges out deep and causes an atmospheric tone to the song. The vocals are as gritty as they can get but still carry a lightness in Jennylee’s voice.

“White Devil” carries the biggest amount of instruments on any of the tracks. The song sounds more complete than other solo selections because of the other band members chipping in. While not always coming together as one, the band creates an eerie setting through distorted vocals, rough guitars and a creeping synth.

Some artists try to do something different from the projects that they work on, but right on! does not deviate from Warpaint’s style of music. The funkiness and groove that Warpaint is know for is found here still. While those elements are still in tact, Jennylee drives into a darker side with her new wave direction. Jennylee shines in her first solo debut album by sticking to what she knows while trying something new through the implementation of new wave on the album.


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