Album Review: Frankie Cosmos – Fit Me In EP

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Porches, Quarterbacks, Tiger Trap

Recommended Tracks: Track 1 – “Korean Food”; Track 3 – “Sand”; Track 4 – “Young”

Grade: B-

Eight minutes seems like an extremely difficult amount of time to get anything across, but Frankie Cosmos does it perfectly on her new EP Fit Me In. Cosmos (Greta Kline) weaves stories through her synth-powered pop. The EP is short, but Kline is able to give a glimpse into her life and show what is deep without getting too gritty or rough.

“Korean Food” is as heavy as you can get with synths on a track. The song has basic construction being that it’s only synths and Kline’s vocals. The dreamy vocals along with the synths create an atmospheric sound and a hankering for some good Korean Food.

“O Contest Winner” is the most complex song on the EP, but still carries the same simplicities that the other songs carry. The song utilizes a slowly paced drum beat with dragging synths in the background. The setting creates a different meaning for Kline as her vocals come off as dreary and deep unlike other songs on the EP.

“Sand” is one of the shortest songs on the EP, coming in at 47 seconds, but there is more to the song than what is advertised. A rapid bass along with some twinkling synths creates a gentle touch on the track. Kline’s soft vocals leave a longing for the song to continue.

“Young” is Kline’s attempt at trying to figure out her youth. Confused by it all, she sings, “I heard about being young/ But I’m not sure how it’s done…/ Something about fun.” The harmonies on the song come as gentle sounds to help support the vocals.

Kline’s project comes as a small piece, but it has big aspirations. Atmospheric synths twinkle across each track, creating a simplistic vibe. Frankie Cosmos may not give us the full picture through Fit Me In, but the short project tells the most it can through its eight minutes.


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