Wand- 1000 Days

Review by Dakota Nelson

Recommended if you like: Ty Segall, Wooden Shjips, Wavves

Recommended tracks:

Track 4- Dungeon Dropper

Track 6- 1000 Days

Track 7- Lower Order

Track 10- Passage of the Dream

Wand is a psychedelic garage rock band from Los Angelos California, which would explain their psych influences.

1000 Days is Wands third album and a powerhouse at that. Quickly picked up by Ty Segall and signed to his record God? Wand would release their first LP. One year later they released two albums. Further developing their sound in the psych and fuzzy garage rock direction Wand’s latest is an album that can’t be missed.

1000 Days immediately throws you into the music with its opening track Grave Robber with heavy synths and catchy guitar riffs. The album doesn’t lose steam from there either. Even when the album switches to more acoustic instruments the songs still have an impact.

While the overall tone on the album seems upbeat much of the lyrics have a darker meaning. Themes like fear, paranoia, and isolation are recurring on this album but only enhance the listening experience.

Overall 1000 Days is a landmark step for a band that will be making many more great albums.


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