The Front Bottoms- Back On Top

Review by Sarah Negron

Grade: B

It’s like Christmas morning. A new Front Bottoms album has arrived!

Brian Sella and the gang are back with witty lyrics and even a new record label. The group recently switched from Bar/None Records to Fueled By Ramen, which has caused a stir for some of their fans.

You can tell that that their sound has undergone a change and they use a lot more electric guitar. On their track “Cough It Up,” they use a subtle electronica sound effect while incorporating an upbeat and almost twangy melody. I understand why fans may be upset with these changes since their 2011 self-titled album is basically my anthem for life, and this album doesn’t have that same vibe.

This album goes in another direction while still being easily recognizable with Sell’s punky voice. However, in tracks like “HELP,” or “Laugh Till I Cry,” the instruments are often distracting from the lyrics, which could just be me getting distracted by everything going on in the song.

“The Plan (Fuck Jobs),” is a favorite of mine from for sure. It sounds like their older sound and their lyrics are as strange as ever, which I love. Plus the song really connects to my savaged college student soul. I’m a huge Front Bottoms fan and at some point your favorite band is going to change up their sound and maybe even grow up a little. It’s normal. So give the album a chance because despite the label change, it’s pretty damn enjoyable nonetheless.


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