Album Review: Fireships- Fireships

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Deer Tick, Shaky Graves, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Song Recommendations: “Gush,” “Countdown Time” and “Come Back To Me”

Rating: B-

A fireship was a boat that played an integral part in repelling the British away from the Hudson River. You can still find this fire within Fireships, but this time the band creates it rather than fight it like the ships of old. Fireships originated in New York City but have since moved to Brooklyn have also spent a bulk of their time in the Hudson Valley working on their album. Fireships’ self titled album is alt-folk that draws from country roots as well.

“Gush” is a relaxing song with soothing instrumentals through its strings and drums. Vladeck’s nasal crooning adds to the somberness of the song and helps creates a mellow vibe. The guitar on the song is simplistic and bounces to the sound of the vocals.

“Countdown Time” also adds to the mellowness that “Gush” carries. The song begins with some country style in the guitar and has some low Bob Dylan-esque vocals. The song also implements the use of a synth and organ which adds an eerie sadness to the song.

“Come Back To Me” carries more of a California surfer vibe with its rolling guitar and excited synth. The vocals from Vladeck continue to be light and fluffy, but this time he is supported by his band with their powerful harmonizing.

Fireships’ peculiar ventures lead into different combinations of genres. With mixes of country, folk and rock, there is something for anyone who likes those genres. While not all of these connect, the instruments play a strong part in picking up the slack that any of the botched combinations make. Fireships ends up with good material and some experience on their self titled first album.


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