Album Review: The Eiffels- The Eiffels

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Phoenix and The 1975

Song Recommendations: “I Did It Now” “More”

Grade: C+

The Eiffels are bringing their own brand of Electro-Pop though their new self titled EP. The Eiffels are a band who play out of Los Angeles, California and have just brought to light their first EP. The four tracks each present their own sound, but feel as if they are similar to Phoenix sonically.

“I Did It Now” is the song that come off as the most energetic off of the EP. The guitar seems to wander around and sounds distant from the other elements of the song. The synths are full of energy and go along with the rapid tempo of the drums.

“More” is a song that drives through the use of its emotion. The fast paced drums go along with the upbeat synths to create a jubilant sound. The vocals are effect driven with echos and higher pitches than usual.

The catchy electro-pop choruses and heavy synth use really characterise the album. If you take the blueprint of Phoenix and start a band with it, the product would end up being The Eiffles. There is nothing wrong with that either, The Eiffles just need to find their own sound. The Eiffels’ EP works in getting their first material out. Now it is up to them to build up on the album and find their own voice.


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