Album Review: Scott A.F.– Under Your Skin E.P.

Review by Josh Svetz

RIYL: Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Sam Smith

Recommended Tracks: “Under Your Skin,” “Opening Night”

In a world with many different golden-voiced males such as Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, it’s tough for an artist with just an amazing voice to make it in the music industry. Thank god Scott A.F. has a little more to bring to the table than just a great voice.

The singer/songwriter and composer enters the game with his debut, the Under Your Skin E.P., a nice five-track sample to open his career. A self-proclaimed independent artist, Scott used programs like Kickstarter to release singles. Now, with a full E.P. out, Scott shows the industry his abilities.

Teaming up with producer and childhood friend Chase Foster, who is known for working with Nick Jonas and opening for Demi Lovato, Scott brings a soulful touch to the singer-songwriter genre. The production is smooth and the vocals crisp and clean as Scott emulates an Adam Levine/Justin Timberlake hybrid that works.

The top track on the E.P. is the previously released single, “Under Your Skin,” which sounds like a combination of throwback Justin Timberlake and “Latch” by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith. The production and echo effects are solid, but not overbearing as Foster knows when to let Scott take over the song and when the production needs to play a backseat. Scott shows confidence in the song, hitting a wide range of vocals and styles to show versatility.

On other tracks, like “So Cold,” Scott shows the world what a highly motivated Adam Levine could do, as he takes cues from some of the early Maroon 5 styles which is never a bad thing. He even brings some funky 80’s George Michael esque stylings with tracks like “One Step Away,” a very synthy, techno-driven track that works well as an opener to the E.P.

Overall, Scott A.F. has the talent and the production to make it in the singer-songwriter business. With a sound that emulates many talented acts to the point where it becomes unique, the first offering from the rising artist is a welcomed addition to the genre.


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