Album Review: The Jaguar Club- Close

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Patrick Wolf, Youth Lagoon, and The Drums

Recommended Tracks: All, including “Stringer”, “Hard Cider” and “Cold Medicine”

Four years is a long time for a hiatus, but The Jaguar Club proves that time is only a number through the release of their EP Close. The Jaguar Club originally hail from Brooklyn, New York, but now call Beverly, Massachusetts their domain because their frontman Will Popadic has made his new home there. The Jaguar Club have put in the work to help make 22 minutes of great pop music.

“Stringer” is a song that has pure energy. The vocals are light, but they sound shallow without the help of any backing vocals. The song has a peppy synth that bounces around with the vocals. The drums have a bite to them and help lay the foundation of strong energy in the song. Hard Cider” is a song that has an atmospheric sound to it. The use of synths and the alterations to the vocals of Popadic creates a spacey feeling to them.

The Jaguar Club really utilized their time away by maturing and crafting their own sound on Close. The band really accomplished what they wanted from this EP and it shows through the dedication they had for this EP. For being four years away, The Jaguar Club sounds like they never left the stage.


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