Album Review: Little Comets- Hope is Just a State of Mind

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, WALK THE MOON, San Cisco

Recommended Tracks: “The Gift Of Sound,” “Little Italy,” “My Boy William”

Little Comets are a melodic indie band out of Tyne and Wear, England. Hope is Just a State of Mind is their third album. Their big thing is their lyrical prowess and also their ability to use obscure words like “elegiac” and “anodyne” while still allowing the listener to understand the meaning of the songs.

The best song musically is “The Gift Of Sound” which is about the gift of language and using language to speak your mind. Other than that the backing sounds are very catchy and there is a very melodic synth sound in the background. The vocals from Robert Coles are soft on the chorus and more blunt on the verses. This is an all around catchy and fun song.

“Little Italy” is a better example of the lyrical prowess of this band. They use words like “sojourn” and the french phrase “savoir-faire” along with a bunch of other phrases uncommon in speech and music. Again, the Coles is right on point vocally and the melody fits this song well. While it’s not as catchy, it’s still a song you will want to listen to multiple times.

“My Boy William” might be the most interesting song on the album. The first part of the song is just a soft guitar playing to the melody of the Coles’ voice and nothing else. Most of the song after that is him singing the most precise vocals on the album along with upbeat melodies and an acoustic guitar. Lyrically the song is to Coles’ son William and near the end of the song he uses a recording of his 2 year-old son talking and sings softly over it. With that combined with everything else it has going for it makes this song the best on the album overall.

The British accent goes along very well generally with indie music like this and it’s no different here. This album is fantastic and if you should give it a listen, you won’t regret it.


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