Album Review: Gigi Scott and Trouble Town- Parable Of The Cave

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Kid Rock and Darius Rucker

Recommended Tracks: “Let It Shine”

Gigi Scott and Trouble Town show that they can’t do it all through their album Parable Of The Cave. The band, which comes out of Birmingham, Alabama, claims to be a roots rock band, but have the sound of a country rock without any folk or blues influence.

The vocals were not good for any of the songs on the CD. Each song felt as if the vocals did not fit with the music that it was paired with. Scott’s voice sounded extremely shaky and her high notes were unpleasant. The only bearable song off of the album was “Let It Shine.” Ben Trexel has some of his best guitar work on the track, but Gigi Scott still brings down the quality of the song because her vocals muffle the music in the background. It is a shame that this happens because the guitar and drums are actually alright together.

Parable Of The Cave feels like an incomplete album. Without a good singer, bands often fall victim to having to boost their instrumental performances, but they cannot bring it all together without vocals. The songs feel limited because the sound stays the same throughout each track. The trouble in Gigi Scott isn’t only in the name; it is also trouble in their vocals and composition.


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