Song Review: Hailey Wild Releases Dreamy New Single, “Eden”

Written by Ashley Gallagher

Hailey Wild is a young singer songwriter from San Diego with a fresh, new take on indie pop. She gives it an R&B twist, while staying with a very alternative sound.

Eden is the first single from her debut album, “Young and Numb.” It is dreamy and soft with strong and powerful vocals. The echos and layering of sounds are light and airy. It features synthesizers and electronic sounds, but it also lightly touches on a bit of an acoustic guitar towards the end. The whole sound is mesmerizing. It is soothing in a way that is calming and leaves you in a trance for the whole song. 

It is a perfect blend of indie, alternative and R&B style. The presence of her voice is calming and overall it is a well done, fresh new song.

Hailey Wild’s album scheduled to come out in the spring of this year.

Listen to her new single here:


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