Live Review: We The Kings and State Champs Know How to Energize a Crowd

By Ashley Gallagher










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We The Kings and State Champs shared the stage with Simple Plan and Northbound on Saturday November 2nd in Niagara Falls, New York. Both acts engaged with the crowd and made for an energized atmosphere.

Northbound opened the show with some of a combination of new and old songs alike, in preparation for their new album, “Soul Kiss.” Full of humor, they played to a crowd where only a few people know them, but everyone listened. They were entertaining, even for people who are unfamiliar with their music.

We The Kings continued the show, and they sure brought their A-game. They were fun, interactive and knew how to make a crowd laugh. They played originals and a series of covers, that they joked “were their own.” It got the crowd to laugh and sing along more before they ended their set with “Check Yes Juliet.”

The first co-headliner, State Champs, played a lot of new songs, but did not forget the fan favorites, such as “Remedy.” They talked with the crowd and were full of energy on stage that the crowd fed off of so they could crowd surf or start circle pits. They are arguably one of the best live bands on the bill due to the energy they bring onstage.

Simple Plan closed the show with every song from a lot of people’s childhood, including the “What’s New Scooby Doo” theme song. It was a very nostalgic performance. They even brought out Derek DiScanio of State Champs and Travis Clark of  We The Kings to perform the song, “Where I Belong,” which feature all three bands and was released before the tour started.

Overall, it was a very crowd-orientated show, which is how live music should be. All the bands made it their goal to be interactive in the crowd.

Listen to “Where I Belong” here:


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