The Chainsmokers Play Buffalo’s KeyBank Center

By: Ashley Gallagher (twiter/instagram: @ashpgallagher)


The Chainsmokers headlined a show on October 12th at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York. Their lineup consisted of 5 Seconds of Summer and Lennon Stella, both of whom have a song with the EDM duo.

Unlike other live music concerts, this wasn’t just about the music. There was a whole production and theatrical-like show behind it. When the lights dimmed, there was only a few seconds before the stadium was lit up with people carrying torches from each opposing side of the stage. The Chainsmokers walked the stage just as sparkler cannons and fog machines were being used as steam shot up from the stage. “Take Away” played along in the background before Lennon Stella also joined.

This was all within the first 15 seconds of The Chainsmokers’ set. IMG_8070.jpg

They followed up this song with “Roses” and “Paris,” which were crowd favorites. The setlist flowed like songs in a club. People were dancing and singing along lasers were going off on beat with the music.

This tour is definitely a visual tour. There were background pictures, combined with the special effects, but that was only the beginning. They also had a motorcycle stunts performed on the catwalk as well as in a giant hamster ball. Even if this music is not something you would enjoy, the show is performance. The energy in the room is enough to get you excited, or at least to enjoy the visual effects on stage.



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