Super Whatevr: Show Recap


Super Whatevr-56

Date of Show: 9/22/18

Lineup: The Burkharts, Dube, Beach Goons, Super Whatevr

Article and Photos by: Chandler Poczciwinski

The California-based band, Super Whatevr, was treated to a chilly night in Buffalo, at one of the more intimate venues that the city has to offer, Sugar City. The line-up for the evening consisted of The Burkharts (Buffalo, NY, Alt-Rock), Dube (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Alt-Rock), Beach Goons (San Diego, CA, Indie-Alt), and the headliners of the evening Super Whatevr (Orange County, CA, Alt-Rock). The venue Sugar City, probably the only venue with a couch where the pit should be, provided the pleasure of watching a rock concert from the comfort of a couch. When bands asked fans who were taking advantage of the best couch in the house and how their experience was they replied with, “All we need is some Taco Bell then we would be in heaven,” to which the bands and the rest of the crowd would definitely agree with.

Super Whatevr-3

Above: The Burkharts

The first band of the evening was the Buffalo native band, The Burkharts (previously Orange Friction), this was my first experience with this band, yet hopefully not my last. With their old school rock vibes and on-stage shenanigans, they were a perfect way to start off the evening.

Super Whatevr-19

Above: Dube

Up next were the neighbors to the north, Dubé. Their energetic garage rock anthems was definitely one of the highlights of the evening. This is one of those bands that you want to see in the smallest venue possible with the most amount of people squeezed in. Their sound surely to infected the crowd and provided for a truly wild ride. I was able to talk to Skylar Mckee (Vocalist/Guitarist of Super Whatevr) after the show, and he told me that the instant he was shown Dubé, he had to get them on this tour. Dubé brought a little treat for the hockey obsessed people of Buffalo with their guitar constructed out of a single hockey stick, which is one of those things that you have to experience in person to get the full effect.

Super Whatevr-30

Above: Beach Goons

Third was Beach Goons coming off the release of their new album Hoodratscumbags (August 24, 2018) Beach Goons brings a surf-rock vibe that is sure to get your foot tapping while incorporating a Latino vibe in some of their songs. Their slogan “Vatos Tristes” (Sad Boys in Spanish) perfectly describes this band: a indie rock band with Latino twist. If you are looking for a band to play while you are driving down I-5 in California with your convertible top down and hair flowing in the wind, then look no further. Watching Beach Goons set made me forget the about the cold Buffalo nights that are coming, and put me right under the warm California sun.

Super Whatevr-50

Above: Super Whatevr

Finally, the headliner of the evening, Super Whatevr. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this band. From their stunning performance on stage, to their demeanor off stage, Super Whatevr is a band that I feel confident with in all aspects. Their newest record, Never Nothing (Hopeless Records) translates perfectly into a live atmosphere with frontman Skylar Mckee leading the charge. Sometimes when bands play their music live it feels a little lackluster compared to the album, with Super Whatever that is absolutely not the case. Their high energy set with Mckee’s vocals that are almost impossible to not sing along with makes for proper set that is entertaining from beginning to end. The combination of Super Whatevr’s emotional lyrics, infectious guitar licks and the intimacy that small venues provide, created an almost spiritual experience. I was even be lucky enough to join Super Whatevr for their first taste of true chicken wings from their homeland in Buffalo, NY (properly taking place at the original Duffs). They would share their stories of the road which consisted of haunted houses and long car rides. It’s always an amazing feeling when you get to connect with a band that you listen to on repeat, and they turn out to be really down to earth people who just happen to make great music. Being that Super Whatevr is a relatively new band, means that they still have more in store for fans. However, their album Never Nothing is a solid base for them to be able to grow exponentially from. My final comment for Super Whatevr is that while their album is amazing, to truly experience all the great things that they have to offer, you just have to experience their music live.
Super Whatevr-48


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