SABA – Bucket List Project


Review By: Matt Mackenzie

Similar Artists: Chance the Rapper and Noname

Recommended Tracks: “GPS,” “MOST” and “Bucket List”

Grade: A-

Saba popped up on some  collaborations with artists such as Chance the Rapper, Mike Jenkins and songs from the album Surf in 2015. His first mixtape, GETCOMFORTable, came out in 2012 and his mix tape, ComfortZone, followed in 2014.

Saba released the EP SpareChange! the following year. Now his most recent release is Bucket List Project. Influenced by Bones Thun-n-Harmony, SABA got into the rap game and started writing his own material. Coming up hot, Saba could become a big name in the rap world.

Bucket List Project has a head bouncing beat that is super enticing with a lyrical flow that is off the charts. Including at the end of every track what an artist has on their bucket list makes this album so individualistic. Songs on the album have different tempos that constantly change making it all so enjoyable. You could be listening to a medium paced song and then it will go double time. One song on the album, “Church/Liquor Store”, starts out slow but as the song progresses its beat and vocals get faster. These changes make Bucket List Project an amazing listen.

The little commentary parts like in the songs “In Loving Memory” and at the end of “Church/Liquor Store” are a little unnecessary, but I understand that it is what some people like. One thing I always look at is the background beat and how it works with the song. MOST has the best background by far.

With areas of high pitched noises and mixed vocals with the main vocals work perfectly throughout the song. The entirety of the album is a must listen by all, even if you are not a fan of rap give it a chance. I can promise you will not be disappointed.


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