Album Review: Eagulls- Ullages

Review by Dakota Nelson

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- “Euphoria”, Track 7- “Blume”, Track 9- “Lemontrees”

RIYL: The Cure, Cheatahs, Protomartyr

Grade: B-


Releasing their second album, Ullages, Eagulls take on an explored approach to post-punk while adding their own touch. Leaving behind the industrial and noise aspects of the band’s last album for a more melodic and “goth” sound, Ullages presents a dark and moody side of Eagulls that wasn’t explored very much on their first album.

A trademark of post-punk bands is less singing and more talking/singing vocals. Eagulls are no different. In the opening track, “Heads or Tails,” the vocalist, George Mitchell, serenades with his wavering, yelling voice. However, while the voice is great, there is less of it on this album.

Leaving tracks more open for instrumentation, Ullages creates a better, more rounded atmosphere than the band’s last record. By adding reverb and distortion to the guitar and a constant barraging bass, it creates a wall of sound. It’s hard not to immediately compare it to The Cure, but it is inevitable.

Eagulls have released a great record for their second album. Experimenting and changing their sound to fit new ideas is a bold step but one worth taking. On a couple tracks the singing and constant song structure can become a bit monotonous, and the voice may not be pleasant for some listeners. However, if you’re a fan of post-punk, then definitely listen to this album, because you will be hearing about Eagulls again.


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