Album Review: MJT- Nightmares and Day Dreams

Review by Dakota Nelson


Recommended Tracks:

Tracks 1 “Day Dreamer”

Grade: D

MJT is an emerging band from NYC that has just released its second EP. Trying to create an alternative rock sound with jazz, R&B and indie influences, MJT creates an EP that is almost worth listening to.

The fist track off the EP “Day Dreamer” starts off with some promise. Starting off with a grunge-sounding riff with some organ in the background, you can hear where their influences are coming from–almost as if you’ve heard the song somewhere else before. However, it is the best track on the EP and worth a listen.

After the first track, the EP starts to go downhill. The third track slows down to create a more somber mood but then is completely ruined by heavy synthesizers. From this point on, the tracks begin to blend together and sound the same. You can skip to a different song and it wouldn’t be noticed.

Seeing as this is the first EP from three very young boys, there is still plenty of room for MJT to grow and harness their sound. If that happens and you want to be hipster and say you heard them before they were known, listen to this album.


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