Neon Indian-Vega Intl. Night School

Review by Sarah Negron

Grade: B+

Neon Indian is back after four years with their third studio album that makes you feel like you’re at an 80s prom with Prince…but in a good way.

Alan Palomo brings reggae breeze, Latin beats and long drawn out synth sounds that sends the listener on quite the trip for 51 minutes.

With tracks like, “The Glitzy Hive” and “Dear Skorpio Magazine,” it’s clear that the group has stepped up their game by bringing in these variety of sounds and keeping things weird.

The weirdness makes sense considering the album has this certain thematic take to it that is, “stay up after midnight and see how human nature really works.” Palomo takes thigs to a different level and is more mature with the lyrics. However, his voice does tend to get lost behind all the insane sounds.

Vega Intl. Night School tells a bizarre and gritty story with Palomo whispering seductively in the background of songs. It’s a playful album it’s always refreshing to hear a band having fun with their work. Neon Indian have created a fantasy for its listeners while still keeping the album accessible and emotionally driven.

After you listen to this album, you’ll feel as though you’ve just left a sketchy nightclub after a night of questionable drug use. It’s an exceptional love letter to the night life and an ode to the lonely night owls worth the listen.


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