The one and only PPL MVR is the strangest band I’ve ever listened to.

Review by Josh Svetz

RIYL: No band that exists on Earth

Recommended Tracks: None, go on YouTube or Google them— it’s weird

Grade: N/A

Normally when I do music reviews I am graced with respectable and serious music quality. Even if it’s not good, it’s at least done by artists who care.

However, when one is given an album that’s cover consists of three men in monkey suits playing guitar and drums along with a barely readable band name, it’s hard to take it seriously. Not to mention when I was given the album the casing completely shattered in midair, one of the most memorable events in the music room that’s for sure. In retrospect, that event was foreshadowing to the clusterfuck I got myself in to.

Still, I approached the album as I would any other, seriously and analytically. After all, the band was signed by Elektra records a very well respected label years ago that had the likes of AC/DC, Cee-Lo Green and Metallica at one point.

Before we get to the music, here’s a little about “The One and Only PPL MVR.” Simply speaking, this band is weird. Their lone music video is an acid trip and their interviews are some of the strangest interviews I’ve ever seen—even compared to GWARs. Case in point—in one of the interviews I watched the band answer every question with a yell and a grunt and then subtitles explaining what it meant. The best of the bunch being “We come from the mouth of God and the all-encompassing oneness,” “look for us in your dreams.”

The rumor swirling around is that PPL MVR is “Brand New” in disguise. This came about when the link to PPL MVR’s music video for “People Mover,” appeared on Brand New’s website. Honestly, I doubt they are “Brand New.”

With that absorbed, I now had no idea what I was getting myself into. I reluctantly popped the CD into my laptop and waited for the first track. I heard loud, heavy metal, garage rock immediately, and then, what I thought was a synth. Turns out, it was the singer, and that supposed synth I heard was—auto tune. At this point I’m saying to myself—“what the hell is this.” Other than the auto tune, not bad I guess, nothing special.

The next track comes on, “Mad,” and boy do things drop off. Same heavy metal-garage rock hybrid, but this time it starts with low, normal singing—and then—auto tune. Oh, the chorus, it’s him yelling about being mad and then yelping like a baboon—literally. This track sucks, and the auto tune is even worse as it pierces my ears.

On to Track 3, very soft rock—now I’m really surprised. But, then the vocals come on and guess what? AUTO TUNE, but now it’s terrible, ear-piercing auto tune mixed with lyrics about ice cream—I shit you not. At this point, I’m very much regretting reviewing this album, but the show must go on.

Track 4—oh look, more auto tune. I’m not saying auto tune is the worst thing ever, but the way they use it is as bad as Future at his worst. This track supremely sucks, as the singer known as SNWLL—apparently it means snowball—yells for three minutes.

Finally, Track 5, last one, Thank Jesus. Ok, so this track has more auto tune. It’s not overbearing though, still—it sucks. Luckily, it’s short and with that the EP mercilessly comes to an end.

My thoughts once it finishes—“how were these guys signed?”

Then I calmed down and realized—this music isn’t serious, this band has to be a practical joke, there’s no way in hell this is an actual band.

My final take though: This band is a practical joke, it has to be musicians who have connections and maybe are already famous basically punking the general public. Since I don’t think the band is actually a serious band I can’t technically judge the music it’s like judging WWE compared to football, its two different concepts. Based on those merits, ranking PPL MVR is pointless, it’s a gimmick nothing more.


One thought on “The one and only PPL MVR is the strangest band I’ve ever listened to.

  1. Just saw this garbage of a band in KS. It was so horrifically terrible I was speechless. The “singer” tore down the pvc covered tarp backdrop and flung it around on stage and hit a couple people in the front row. Needless to say the pvc came apart and people got greeted with a 1/2 pipe flying at their face. The singer walked the crowd and practically punched a couple people who were taking videos/pictures. Overall, utterly horrendous, the “singing” was so bad I wanted to get out of the auditorium and puke. I felt bad for the two “human” band members that were actually decent! The guitar player had great skills and stage presence. And the dj/sound table girl was pretty and had great stage presence also! The best part was when the girl unzipped her mechanic jumper and had a blue sports bra on, and the 3 yeti characters left the stage for good and the set was over!


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