Album Review: New Love–Caféïne

Review by Mark Ventrice

RIYL: The Killers, Wolf Parade, New Order

Recommended Tracks: “Electric,” “Left For Dead,” “Love Disease,” “Lettre D’Amour”

Xavier Caféïne is an incredibly talented musician you have probably never heard of. This is his 6th album, and what makes it incredible is that he plays every instrument in nearly every one of his songs. And it isn’t just like a few instruments; it sounds like a full band would be playing these songs. He is a French-Canadian out of Quebec, and that is shown through the song “Lettre D’Amour,” which is entirely in French.

The song “Electric” sounds like something you would hear off an older Killers album, and much like older Killers songs, it’s pretty good. This is the best song off the album. The instrumentals have a synthy backing to them with a pretty good rock beat on top of it, and the vocals have a softer effect on them so they fit with the rest of the song, and it all fits together perfectly like a puzzle.

“Left For Dead” sounds like what “Electric” would have sounded like without the soft synthy backing to the instrumentals. There is definitely some synth presence on the song, but here it’s purpose is to change the sound during the bridge. Again, everything here fits together perfectly like a puzzle.

“Lettre D’Amour” deserves to be brought up just for the fact that it’s completely in French. This is a really upbeat love song with a catchy chorus that you might just end up singing along to even if you don’t speak any French. This song sounds kind of like something off the newest album from another French band, Kyo.

Seriously, this guy is incredibly talented.


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