Richie Page – Chasing Static

Tracks to listen to: “Out of the Blue”, “They Would Know”, “All My Loving”


The album Chasing Static gives a platform for Richie Pace to tell his story. It’s about how he tried to pursue his musical dreams with a band who did not have the same intentions as him, telling the stories of the evils that occurred along the way on his journey with the band.

This 34 minute album goes in all directions through its course. The songs present a soft tone through the sound of Pace’s voice and the sound of the guitar. Pace then changes to a heavier guitar with a stronger, piercing sound. This bizarre combination provides for an interesting sound that works in a strange way.

“Out of the Blue” is one of the more telling songs on the album. The song starts off very light with Pace’s soft crooning and light guitar riffs. As the emotion changes, the croon turns into a cry, and the guitar gives off more of a bite as it runs through a solo. The song seems to change between these two sounds, jumping from calm to wild in a matter of seconds.

The cover to “All My Loving” provides a new twist to a timely classic from The Beatles. Pace uses more of an upbeat tone, both with his voice and his guitar. The use of other elements in the song that aren’t used in other parts of the album like backing vocals and the incorporation of other instruments is a subtle change from the other soloist approach songs on the album.

Chasing Static gives off its own interesting sound that you definitely don’t want to miss listening to. The emotion put behind the album is the real driving force and what makes you want to keep following the story through each song.


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