Album Review: JPNSGRLS– Circulation

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, Portugal. The Man, Hot Hot Heat, Pop Rocks.

Recommended Tracks: All Songs, Particularly: “Circulation,” “Southern Comforting,” “Smalls, & Tiger.”

With little to no filler, JPNSGRLS immediately proves that garage band music is able to stay true to their roots while consistently evolving and enhancing the genre. Although a debut album, JPNSGRLS has created an almost rebellious garage-pop sound while implementing hints of psychedelic indie-rock that is comparable to early Arctic Monkeys albums.

The album is constantly entertaining and its lack of simple filler songs is surprising, particularly for a debut album. The entire track list contains immense bursts of energetic emotion and a continuous wavelength of attitude. The title track “Circulation” is bass filled, magnetic, and hypnotic, easy on the ears for its sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Although the band is talented lyrically, they are immensely talented at creating an ending that is both vibrant and expertly crafted. Quick to utilize a very slow build up, they are consistently successful with a fantastically clattering ending, especially notable in songs “Brandon”, “Mushrooms”, and “Tennis Shoes”.

Although the album contains many notable songs, none deserve recognition more than “Southern Comforting”. It’s almost unexplainably catchy drum/guitar combination melts perfectly into the lyrics creating a sound that can only be described as first-rate.

Overall the album is surprisingly impressive, with an engaging tone, conversational and thought-provoking lyrics, and sincerely entertaining, Circulation is filled with brisk and rarely documented success.


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