Show Review: A Night of Dreamgaze, The Takeover of Turnover In Buffalo, NY

By Steven Stutz, Production Director

A convivial show with dreamy vibes and a fun-loving crowd. Turnover, an indie emo rock band from Virginia beach took their tour to Rec Room in Buffalo, NY, for a show filled with unexplainable good vibes. The sold out show opened with a bumping sound from Temple of Angels, a young under the radar post-punk band, that set the night off right. Originating in Austin, Texas, Temple of Angels rendered a sound from synchronized echoed guitar riffs and an extreme set of vocals that made you feel at home. Their sound filled Rec Room – a freely spaced à la mode venue – that just pumped the crowd up for the rest of the night. Lead singer Bre Morell had such composure and compassion on stage, her intense range of vocals and harmony with instrumental band mates was warming to see and hear. 

Lead Singer of Temple of Angels Bre Morell

Next on stage was indie rock/dream pop band, Widowspeak, from Brooklynn, NY. Their music is music that belongs in dreams. It is soft and mellow but holds so much power. The groove and guitar riffs alike made you sway in all directions to the all around good tunes being played. With jazzy alternative components like the band Men I Trust and Khrughanbin matched with warm sounding pitched vocals like the band Tennis, coupled together to create dreamy vibes that were felt throughout the venue all night. Once they performed “All Yours” the place just got warm and the vibes became contagious. Lead Singer Molly Hamilton and Lead Guitarist Robert Earl Thomas had such a dynamic relationship on stage. Their energy disseminated between each other causing it to ultimately overflow into the crowd producing such contagious mellow vibes. 

Lead Singer of Widowspeak Molly Hamilton
Lead Guitarist of Widowspeak Robert Earl Thomas

Much of the night revolved around the genre dreamgaze. Dreamgaze is a subgenre of alternative rock and neo-psychedelia that emphasizes atmosphere and sonic texture. But if you don’t feel like reading more about the definition of dreamgaze just listen to Turnover, you’ll essentially understand what it is, just on a deeper level. Opening the show with “Humming” psyched up the next hour with vibrations that just made life good. This show felt like a reflection of life for both the crowd and band alike. Turnover’s lead singer and guitarist Austin Getz used his brief stage banter moments to reflect on how the pandemic and the solitude affected the band and their music alike. This made the music so much more special because the crowd felt the passion in each word sung and each note played. Getz also took some time to thank the crowd for showing up to see the openers and experiencing their sound as a community of listeners stating this is what music is for. Turnover’s setlist ranged all over their discography, joining new and old fans in the crowd for a pure party. Their minimalist stage presence reflects their simple yet complex music. One of the coolest parts was when Austin spent some time playing the keyboard making the dreamy electronic chords compliment the dreamy chords being played on the bass and guitar. All around it was a great night of live music. 

Lead Singer of Turnover Austin Getz
Bassist of Turnover Daniel Dempsey
Austin Getz of Turnover playing keyboard


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