Kylian Mbappe To Stay or Leave?


Kylian Mbappe and his mother open up on the aftermath of the 2021 summer transfer window, giving new details of what occurred during his saga, along with updates on his future.

For both Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain fanatics, the 2021 summer transfer window showcased anxiety and patience for the awaited news on Kylian Mbappe’s transfer saga. For the Madridistas, the “Tic Tac” trend ran through their minds as it represented the inevitable transfer of Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid. For Les Parisiens, anxiety rolled through their heads as reliable reports by Fabrizio Romano, RMC Sport, and L’equipe confirmed Kylian Mbappe’s desire to leave the club this summer on a transfer fee, or free next summer to Real Madrid.

With the free signings of Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumax, and Lionel Messi, PSG was in pole position of creating one of Europe’s most talented rosters in search of the club’s first-ever UEFA Champions League trophy. PSG was poised not to end the summer in bad taste with the departure of Kylian Mbappe, which led to the club rejecting three bids from Real Madrid, including a €200m (£172m) offer. In the end, Kylian Mbappe’s dream of playing for Real Madrid was cut short and distasteful consequences had occurred.

Kylian Mbappe’s recent rough patches from outside of the field involving the fans and club led to his decision in getting interviewed by RMC Sport and opening up on his failed dream move:

“I asked to leave because, from the moment I did not want to extend, I wanted the club to have a transfer fee to have a quality replacement.”

“People said I turned down six or seven extension offers, that I don’t want to talk to Leonardo anymore; that’s absolutely not true. I’m told ‘Kylian now you’re talking to the president.”

“If I had left this summer, it would only have been for Real Madrid.”

“I thought my adventure here was over. I wanted something else. I’d been in Ligue 1 for six or seven years; I’d given everything to Paris and had done well. That was my thought; leaving was the next logical step.”

“When your president tells everyone that you’re not leaving and you’re not going for free, you worry a little.”

A few days later, Fayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappe’s mother, delivered some compelling statements in her interview with Le Parisien:

“We’re talking with PSG at the moment, and everything is going well.”

“I spoke with Leonardo last night; one thing is clear and that Kylian will give his all until the end to win the Champions League.

“Kylian has to be happy. If he’s sad, then he’s capable of telling you, and he often tells us.”

“With Kylian, everything can change from one day to the next.”

Despite a possible renewal, Lamari insists on the possibility of Kylian Mbappe’s dream being accomplished:

“I understand that PSG fans are not happy. But Mbappe dreams of playing for both PSG and Real Madrid.”

Kylian Mbappe is currently running down the final year of his contract with PSG, as no official renovation has occurred with either side. The question remains on whether or not Kylian Mbappe will stay with PSG for the following season. Will PSG’s signing of Lionel Messi and ambition into winning the UEFA Champions League convince Mbappe into staying? Will he finally accomplish his dreams and sign with Real Madrid next season? By January, expect the long-awaited response as Mbappe has the eligibility to sign a pre-agreement contract with any club. Time will only tell where the generational phenom will eventually be playing.


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