Local Legend Hour Returns! Season Three!

Hello all you ghouls and ghosts! The Local Legend Hour is back Tuesday’s at 7:00pm est for its most interesting season yet! Although it may feel like we are living a horror movie every day with this global pandemic, your favorite local ghost radio show will try to put things right, even if it is just for a few hours. With the increased regulations on the radio stations that we operate out of, I figured I’d give all the listeners a heads up on what they can expect for this group of shows this year.

So with the restrictions on having more than 2 people in the recording booth at a time, there will not be a panel of esteemed guests like we have done in past seasons, this year, we intend to utilize prerecorded interviews and live location recording to enhance the quality of our show while adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines. Here’s a short list of things you can expect:

1. A Hunt for Bigfoot- I’ve already talked to a few folks on this and we fully intend to go and attempt to document some evidence of a sasquatch in the local national forest. There have been sightings before, so maybe we will get lucky.

2. A show from outside one of the buildings on campus- this hasn’t been approved yet, but we can hope!

3. A recorded show from Pigman Road close to Halloween- I fully believe that I will be able to conduct an investigation, albeit brief, at the Pigman Road location this year.

4. Cemetery show- I expect to do a ghost investigation at a local cemetery sometime during the year.

Thank you all for sticking with the Local Legend Hour and for all these years. I know that we will be back better and stronger once this all ends!

By: Zach Stryffeler


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