Travis Scott Releases New Single, Possibly Written About Kylie Jenner

Written by: Lisandro Chihuahua

Travis Scott just recently released a single called “Highest in the Room” with lyrics talking about a female, but who could it be? Since the beginning of October, reports have said Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been broken-up since October 1, 2019, and that they could be taking a break. But after listening to “Highest in the Room” the response from Travis Scott could be different than Kylie’s perspective. 

In the first verse of Travis Scott, he said “she saw my eyes, she know I’m gone. I see some things that you might fear. . . . When I’m with you I feel alive. You say you love me, don’t you lie (yeah) ”. After listening to the song, in a way, Travis is responding to the situation that happened between him and Kylie. But, is it a diss or motivation for Scott to work harder than Jenner.

In his music video with 147k million views in the first 35 minutes, Travis Scott is standing on a structure looking up at a figure in the cloud that looks like Kylie Jenner’s photo shoot that took place months ago.

The song really does seem to relate back to Kylie ,but at the same time it could be about how Travis Scott feels about the relationship between them. Especially when he says, “You say you love me, don’t you lie ” in a meaningful verse that most people that can relate to after a break-up. Do you think Travis Scott is dissing Kylie Jenner?  


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