Young M.A. Releases New Album, “Herstory in the Making”

The Freshmen Concert at UIC Pavilion, Chicago, USA - 29 Sep 2017

Written by Lisandro Chihuahua

Katorah Kasanova Marrero or better known as Young M.A. released her latest album called Herstory In The Making on Friday, Sep. 27th. The 27-year-old Brooklyn artist, who on Nov. 19th, 2016 came out with her hit single “Ooouuu” that sat at 19th on the Billboard charts for 20 weeks is coming out with her album that talks about her life and the challenges she faces throughout her whole career and also expressing her sexuality through her songs. In her latest album, she came out with 2 singles called “BIG” and “Pettywap”. In the album, the song “Da Come Up” starts off with Young M.A’s struggle throughout her life. In the first verse, Young M.A. raps about everything in her surroundings before fame. But the way she raps describes the story about when she was a humble rapper doing everything she could to gain fans and living with violence and her own henny-lifestyle. Other songs throughout the album like “She Like I’m Like”, “Numb”, and “Bipolar” are songs where Young M.A. raps the way she feels about her sexuality and the problems that go on a relationship. Towards the end of the album, one song that I felt that really set everything apart was “Crime story (Outro)”. Here Young M.A. raps about her position in the rap game and thelessons that she went through during the fame, especially being hated in the rap game as a lesbian female artist with “Bars”. At the same time listening to the song, it’s almost like Young M.A is coming at certain or all rappers in the Industry. Herstory In The Making is probably one of Young M.A’s underrated albums that all people should listen to get her viewpoint of life trying to make it as aqueer female rapper.


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