Return of the Legend: Zach Stryffe’s Local Legend Hour Returns for Season Two

By Zach Stryffeler

            It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. There is a crisp nip in the air, the leaves are changing, and decorations have shifted from summer to the glorious season of fall. The Enchanted Mountains around my home of St. Bonaventure University are a tapestry of red and gold set against a 6 p.m. sunset. I can smell the pumpkin spice lattes and the warm apple pies emerging from their summer slumber. Oh yes, spooky season is fully upon us. Don your favorite turtleneck sweater and a jacket and join me for a walk down the haunted streets of the USA.

            Starting tomorrow at 7 p.m. and running until Halloween, Zach Stryffe’s local legend hour will be broadcasting live on 88.3 The Buzz and the online live player at Myself and my esteemed panel of guests will be discussing everything from local legends, conspiracy theories, cryptid sightings, and famous hauntings. Also, this year at the Local Legend Hour, we will be striving to bring you to the forefront in paranormal research.

            Yes, we are trying to put some boots on the ground at some of the most famous haunts in upstate New York. So far, we are planning to do a live investigation at the Hinsdale House, one of the most famously haunted properties in the USA. Also, expect an investigation of the Buffalo legend of Pigman Road. Hopefully I am not eaten by a pig-human hybrid as I shut my car lights off in the dead of night. We will also conduct an investigation of St. Bonaventure’s Deveraux Hall, where a black mass and exorcism were both performed!

            If that doesn’t make you excited enough to don your ghostbusting gear, I don’t know what will!

            On a serious note, I would like to thank all the listeners over the last year. It is because of your interest that we can continue to do this show and bring you more scary stories!

            Now, let’s get you even more ready for the show tomorrow with my personal top ten best spooky season songs! Enjoy!


10. Black Magic Woman- Santana

9. Witchy Woman- The Eagles

8. Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac

7. Ghost Riders in the Sky- Johnny Cash

6. The Devil Went Down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Band

5. The Legend of Wooley Swamp- Charlie Daniels Band

4. I Put a Spell On You- CCR

3. Season of the Witch- Donovan or Lana Del Rey

2. Swamp Witch- Jim Stafford

1. Werewolves of London- Warren Zevon

Honorable Mention: Tubular Bells by Michael Oldfield

P.S. That last one was for all of you true horror film buffs, also known as the theme from The Exorcist!


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