The Story So Far in Buffalo

By: Ashley Gallagher

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On November 13th, The Story So Far played a sold-out show at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York. The tour, which is in support of their new album, Proper Dose, was supported by Movements, Citizen, and Turnover.

The four bands reflected the various sounds off of one another. Movements had more of a pop punk sound, whereas Citizen had a louder rock sound. Turnover was more of a wildcard. They were more of an experimental alternative rock sound.

As obscure as this seems, they fit into the set because of the new sounds The Story So Far had been playing around with for their new album. The band experimented with a new sound and tried to distance themselves from being “just another pop punk band.” Their sound has matured and developed. Not a lot of bands can further develop their sound without losing their previous fans, but The Story So Far has only improved and found a more unique and emotional sound.

Their set was a perfect combination of their old and new music, but they kept the same energy as they have always had. Fans enjoyed both the new songs they heard live for the first time and sang their heart out to the old ones that they have grown to love.

You can listen to their new album, Proper Dose, here:


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