Booji Boys – Weekend Rocker

By: Sean Lynch

Halifax-based Booji Boys bring it back to the heyday of punk music with their second full length Weekend Rocker. Rolling off the release of their first album ST LP, the Booji Boys continue to mature their sound in their newest release.

With their moniker coming from DEVO’s character Booji Boy, the band takes a new twist from their influences, opting less for the experimental aspects and more from the hardcore sound of the band.

There is a beauty to the distortion within each track. The vocals come with unparalleled energy as they are yelled incoherently. Sharp guitars bring the raw energy and power behind each listing. “Sister” is a tried and true example of this format. Hard hitting and quick to the point.

Most of the songs on the album are short bursts of adrenaline, but the final track “Oh Yeah” culminates into something larger. Clocking in at 7:40, the song is a journey, escaping the quick guitar blasts for a buildup and structure. Relying less on vocals, the song provides the most sustenance on the album when it comes to material.

While there isn’t a true large-scale punk scene left, Booji Boys prove that punk is alive and well in the United Kingdom and still an integral part of music history within the country.


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