Galantis’ The Aviary is a mismatched letdown

By Matt MacKenzie


Galantis has been known to release some incredible singles or remixes from time to time and, generally, I have been impressed with the majority of them. Since 2012, Galantis put out over a dozen singles along with their remixes by a handful of different artists from 2012 to the present. It wasn’t until 2015 when they put out their first EP and then the following year when the album Pharmacy was released. The problem I found with The Aviary is that all the good songs on this album have been out for a decent amount of time. “No Money” was released in 2016 as a single that listeners could enjoy and others could remix, which could then be released later on.

Of the twelve songs on the album, seven were only put out with the album and five were singles before the release. Now I get that artists usually release a track or two when an album release date is coming up, but three of these (“Hunter,” “Love on Me,” and “No Money”) were released up to the early months of 2017. This doesn’t sit well with me because when I listen to a new album I want to experience every song for the first time. I don’t want to know almost half of the album upon first listen. Along with this, the songs weren’t really the catchiest—none of them really stood out to me as hits.

Overall, I wish that most of the album had not been released prior to its launch and that the songs had something more to them. None of them really fit the Galantis passion that they usually have in their music.


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