Aron D’Alesio’s self-titled effort shows promise but misses the mark

By Zachary Stryffeler


Canadian artist and front man for Young Rival Aron D’Alesio’s new self-titled album is filled with Jeff Buckley-esque, echoing guitar and Jake Bugg-sounding vocals.

The first track, “Cave Zone”, is an instrumental prelude of 30 seconds that doesn’t really create a lead-up to the album. I feel it was more of a decision that there was an extra 30 seconds of tape that they couldn’t get rid of, so they threw it in the beginning of the album in a vain effort to create a flow. It really doesn’t hurt the album that much; it just doesn’t help it at all.

With its twangy slide guitar and pop style vocals, D’Alesio has the means to crank out a great song, like “Destroyer.” It’s space-age folk. Unfortunately, the entire album sounds about the same. It comes in with echoing guitar in the beginning, and stays the same for the whole song, adding drums in at some point. If you listen to the whole album from beginning to end (which gave me a terrible headache), its hard to discern certain songs. Yes, you do hear the end of the tape and the beginning of the next, but no songs really stick out with a discerning different rhythm and different sound. That’s the problem with this album. He created a very good and distinct sound, but he let it go on for the entire length of the album. There was no change of pace or differentiation in the music. I hope that he gets back to the studio and creates some similar music that actually changes style every once in a while.


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